The Brotherhood - Men's Ministry At Immanuel Evangelical Church

The Brotherhood of Immanuel Evangelical Church was started by a group of the church Elders in the early 1940s. The Brotherhood in our area was developed by four different churches in the area; Beasley, Rosenberg, Houston, and Needville E&R churches met and formed the Brotherhood (also known as Churchman’s Brotherhood) to aid citizens in this rural area.  The men from this organization would hold events for their congregations because after World War II the nation was in a state of recovery and people did not have a wide variety of social events to attend.  Our elders of today fondly remember these events and the men before them that made this possible.

The Brotherhood of these churches came together in the early 1950s with other E&R churches and purchased land in New Braunfels, Texas. This was to become a religious retreat for the youth and members of these congregations. Once constructed this retreat was known as Slumber Falls.

Shortly after their formation, the Brotherhood from Immanuel, built their first BBQ pit in the area where the old Educational Building was located. The men would use this for their cooking at many of the church events. This tradition is alive and ongoing today. Many different groups of the Brotherhood over the years have kept this tradition going to the delight of their congregation. The Brotherhood also sponsored a Little League ball team when the Needville Little League was formed until 1999.

The Immanuel Brotherhood also began doing projects in the area to help people and other churches that were in need of assistance. This is also an ongoing tradition of men from the Brotherhood. Men from the Brotherhood accompanied other organizations and children from our Youth Group to Mexico and assisted churches to pour concrete for sidewalks and repair on their facilities. In 2017, after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast of Texas, the Brotherhood, with outstanding support from the congregation, made delivery of much needed supplies and monetary donations to Rockport and Wharton Texas. In 2018, the Brotherhood has already begun to work with organizations from these two communities to schedule a project to further aid in their recovery. The Brotherhood has also met with local authorities to set up a project to help a family from the Needville area.


Brotherhood meets the third Tuesday of each month.  Please join us for a time of casual fellowship.