Bell Choir

Immanuel Evangelical Church offers a Bell Choir for teens and adults of all ages.  No prior musical experience is needed to participate.  The Bell Choir plays several times a year on Sunday mornings and on Christmas Eve.   Rehearsals are held Wednesday evenings 5:30-6:00 pm (September -May).

If you want to make music to the Lord, you are invited to join the Bell Choir!

Adult Choir

The Immanuel Evangelical Church Choir comes from many different backgrounds and musical experiences. Business men, business women, teachers, housewives, students, and others come together as one … all are welcome! Many have had loads of musical training; others have had very little … but all are still used just as effectively. What unites us is the spirit of Christ that has been placed within our hearts and the unquenchable desire to sing His praise.

We want to offer the Lord our best!
Each week our choir holds a short rehearsal Sunday right after the Worship Service. We also have a more extensive rehearsal on the First Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. This rehearsal lasts between one and two hours. We believe rehearsal to be an essential part of not only membership in choir, but to be prepared to lay the most pristine gift of praise before God.

What we sing:
There has been much debate over the style of music that is pleasing to God. Our choir is not locked into any style, but we are anchored to singing the truthful message of God’s love expressed to the world through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The current leader of our choir is Steven Britt.